Disabling CPU throttling on Slackware Linux 13.1

After some time away from Slackware I decided to start using it again. So, after installing a lot of packages successfully I got my first problem trying to install ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) from Slackbuilds.org. After running the script I got the following error message:

CPU Throttling apparently enabled!
It appears you have cpu throttling enabled, which makes timings
unreliable and an ATLAS install nonsensical. Aborting.

Searching on Google I found the following command to disable CPU throttling:

cpufreq-selector -g performance

But for some reason I got a message saying that the governor (-g parameter) was not valid. Then I figured out that the following comand should be used instead:

cpufreq-set -g performance

I don`t know the reason, but by using this I was able to compile Atlas and then finally Scipy.


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